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There is a deeper understanding

Many recognize that there is something magical about how a man and woman unite. It goes way beyond physical intimacy or even a uniting of their souls. In fact, at the deepest levels of love, it becomes a truly spiritual force that transcends space and time.

Many outside of Christianity talk about being twin flames or soul mates, while some believers, like me, talk about spiritual connections. However, all these descriptions speak about one central phenomenon that is quite real and is happening worldwide. In fact, many of the most commercially successful movies and TV series speak about this type of “true love.” Unfortunately, those who experience such powerful attractions usually can only find information about such deep love relationship in New Age settings, for Christians either deny such things happen or call them evil.

The truth is this

There are two creations. We live in this creation that contains our earth and everything else in our universe. However, there is another creation, that is being created as I write this, which is the New Heavens and New Earth. This is why Jesus went away.

In this creation we know sin, while in the new creation, we will know only righteousness. In this creation we are married and given in marriage. In the world to come, their is no marriage. However, this does not mean there will not be relationships between men and women. The fact is, we will still mate, but we will go back to God’s original plan of being drawn together by His Spirit.

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we experience the powers of the world to come. This is why we can lay hands on the sick and they recover. Things that can only happen in God’s new creation, happen in part now, through the agency of His Spirit.

This also happens with relationships. Many of this creation will make the new creation their eternal home. This means that people we meet on a daily basis will exist, in glorified bodies, in the New Heavens and New Earth. This is a very important point to realize.

Meeting our future

Thus, we can and do meet people today who we will know forever in God’s new creation. Moreover, people we will know in the future and be united with as divine mates, sometimes interact with us here. The phenomenon of spiritual connections, divine mates, twin flames, soul mates, etc., is simply us meeting mates who we will know in God’s new creation, now on this present earth.

This all harkens back to how God set up mankind to function in the Garden of Eden. He intended us to be drawn together by His Spirit and unite as He saw fit, not through formal marriage, but through spiritual union. However, through sin, our Father’s original intent for men and women has become broken and obscured. New Age adherents who speak about twin flames and soul mates like to slice and dice them into fine gradations, but the fact is, all these types of relationships stem from divine unions God wants to create or from divine unions that will exist in the world to come.

Why does God unite people in the first place? It is because He wants to flow through couples. Divine mates that fit his original purpose are still the most powerful force on the planet earth. Due to the fact that our Creator meant for us to function this way, when it does, great things happen. When you have Solomon and the Shunammite together, you get the Song of Solomon. When Abraham and Sarah unite, you get Isaac. When you have God and Mary, you get Jesus. It is just the way God designed things.


In the beginning, this all happened by God’s Spirit

Journey As One – DnA Wedding song