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so much more

So Much More Than This

It is funny, how people have an innate sense of the supernatural, yet so many do not want to acknowledge God nor His son Jesus Christ.  All things being equal, an all knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present God whose very nature is love, is the best scenario.  Anything less put us, as mere  humans in a less than helpless position.

What happened in the Garden of Eden is that once we sinned, our spirits shut down.  In the beginning our bellies ruled our lives, not our heads.  God dwelt in our midsection and everything we did emanated from that place of perfect communion.

It feels right

You are reading this because you, in some small way, agree with this.  It is not your head that is drawn to these words, but your spirit.  It “feels right” just like Grace Vanderwall’s song feels right and touches something deep inside you.  This is touching your spirit and the knowing you feel is from that place deep inside you that still connects with God.

Grace is absolutely right, there is so much more.  However, we cannot connect with that “so much more” unless we open our spirit and reconnect with God’s Spirit.  Only then, as we become one with Him through Jesus Christ, can we begin to know that “so much more” that Ms. VanderWaal sings about.

It is not about head knowledge

Head knowledge

In the world, many are all about “head knowledge”.  If you happen to be academically gifted, people think that you are something special.  The truth is that head smarts is often a death sentence.  Many people with really high I.Q. cannot give themselves over to the Holy Spirit and so die in their sins.  Conversely, many people who are not considered smart, but go by their gut, accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, this making heaven their home.

In conclusion, there is “so much more” and God wants to give all to you.  There are reals of the Spirit, past, present, and future, which are all ours for the taking through coming to know Jesus Christ.  First, though, we must humble ourselves and admit that we have fallen short of God’s ideal.  Simply repent of your sin and ask Jesus to forgive you, accepting Him as your Lord.  Immediately you will feel lighter and know that God loves you.  Hope is an amazing thing and that is exactly what you will have after God saves you.  Amen.

So Much More Than This by Grace VanderWall