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Do You Hear God’s Voice In Ürümqi, China?

I have felt called to minister in North Western China for some years.  Specifically in Urumqi.  I am seeking to make contact with a Christian man or women who feels Spirit lead by our Father to help me do this.

My motto is “listen, hear, and obey on time”.  I believe in hearing the voice of God and doing what He says when He says to do it.  I am looking for a spiritual connection where we both know that God is calling us to work together. You, like me, are being led by the Holy Spirit.

God doesn’t do normal

We cannot doing anything by ourselves.  All we can do is take the next step and trust what we feel in the Spirit.  That is really how anything gets done for God.

Really, I don’t expect you to be anything other than Spirit led.  In fact, you may not be anything like a “normal” believer.  Tabernacle Christians are usual different, not because they are wrong, but because they hear God’s voice.

God bless,

Michael King