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maginot line

Group Think Is Dangerous

During the run-up to the Second World War, the French constructed a line of defenses on their border with Germany. These defenses, called the Maginot line, consisted of concrete obstacles, fortifications, and weapons that were meant to stop the advance of Hitlers military machine. French generals all reasoned these defenses would stop German forces long enough to allow time mobilize their own troops in case of a surprise attack.  Military experts, in a type of group-think, firmly believed this series of defenses were a work of genius.  Everyone in France felt secure behind their massive fortifications.

Unfortunately, although the Maginot Line did defend France from a direct assault, it did not protect it from a strategic indirect attack. In effect, Germans simply outflanked these fortifications; i.e. went around them through Belgium, overrunning France in about six weeks.  The Maginot line was a colossal strategic failure which led to the occupation of France for most of the second world war.

Defeating the religious Maginot line

The normative church is like France in that it has constructed a series of doctrinal defenses designed to keep those they consider heretical out of their midst. This spiritual Maginot Line consists of doctrinal gatekeepers whom stand at the church doors, checking whether believers meet doctrinal standards. When they find someone who does not “fit in” they reject them. Thus, they keep their house in order and feel safe behind their doctrine.

However, these impenetrable dogmas, these doctrinal fortifications, are immobile and cannot be redeployed quickly. While the apostate church may be able to defend itself against a direct assault, it cannot do so against a strategic indirect move of the Holy Spirit.  Outflanking the normative church is precisely what God intends to do.

The natural consequences of the Final Feast, which is Divine Connection,  restores the first love of Eden.  As the Body of Christ becomes one with their Father, they become God’s love. This love “outflanks” the dogmatic defenses of the normative church.  No matter what doctrine the apostate church musters against God’s love, the Elect simply don’t listen.

False shepherds

Right now, church leaders shut out those who are sent by God, denying them access to His people. These hirelings usurp God’s position, claiming His vineyard for themselves. Like the pharisees of old, they become masters instead of servants.  False shepherds stand at the gates of His house, demanding abeyance from His people, refusing entry to those God sends.

God is simply going side-step these types of religious fortifications, winning the hearts of His people through Divine Love. Let the gatekeepers of this world shut their gates.  God’s true servants will preach in the wilderness and people will go the them.  Let the synagogue of Satan sit in their empty halls, while those who hunger and thirst after righteousness hear directly from God Himself.

Go with God speed

In order to be with God, you must go where God is. If God is not in these fenced cities then leave and go to where He can be found. Change is always the way of the Spirit, from the time God led His people out of Egypt until this present day.

In conclusion, those who quench the Spirit are about to lose the ability to do so. Some, like Nicodemus, may see the error of their ways and convert, but many will stubbornly stay in their outmoded and ineffectual fortifications until they lose everything.  The defeat of the churches Maginot line means freedom and blessings for the true body of Christ.

Warrior by Hannah Kerr