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walking spirit

Let’s take a walk in the Spirit

What is walking in the Spirit?  What does it really mean to be Spirit led and how does one do it?  These questions are not easily answered, because walking in the Spirit is an experience rather than a set of rules or principles.

Basically, walking in the Spirit is simply hearing the voice of God and doing what He says when He says to do it.   When you come upon a situation where you do not know what you should do, simply ask God what to do and then do what He says without trying to second guess Him.

Just say “NO” to your natural mind

Walking in the Spirit takes getting used to because we have been trained to trust our natural minds.  We depend on what seems reasonable to us.  However, we must learn not to rely upon the knowledge of good and evil.  Our natural minds are our greatest hindrance to walking in the Spirit and doing the will of God on time without question.

Walking in the Spirit does not need to be dramatic or earth-shaking (although sometimes it is.)  It can be as casual as God asking you to call a friend you haven’t seen in years and saying hi.  If you do it when God says to do it you may find out that your friend is having a particularly bad day and deeply appreciates your call.  It takes time for God to train us out of our dependence upon our natural minds.  Through small steps, God can help us to learn to trust Him more than we trust ourselves.

When you walk in the Spirit you know things

When I come upon situations where I do not or cannot know exactly what to do, I simply ask God to give me wisdom.  I figure He knows more than I do and can see the whole situation better than I can.  In this way, I can rely upon knowledge and wisdom far greater than my own and therefore make better decisions with the help of my Father’s voice.

This is particularly helpful when dealing with people you are not familiar with.  It is impossible to know through natural reasoning what people’s intentions are from just a casual meeting. In such situations just ask God what to do and then do it. Trust God when you have little idea how to handle things anyway and you won’t go wrong.

Demonic warfare: Know your enemy by the Spirit

Christians do not understand what is the actual extent of the demonic warfare around them.  Believers’ souls are the current battlefield of a war which began before the foundations of this world.  Demons are attempting to make sure as many of us accompany them to the Lake of Fire as possible.  These unseen enemies hide in people, influencing them to do things that are not godly or profitable.   Many times when we deal with angry people, we are in fact dealing with the demons manifesting through them.  In such situations, listen to His Spirit and simply trust and do what God says.  Trusting God’s voice is really the only way that we can win against such old and subtle adversaries

Trust your Father’s voice implicitly

In conclusion, we must begin to trust the voice of God.  Trust His Holy Spirit in your hearts, your minds, and your spirits to a degree heretofore not imagined. When done with humility and a teachable heart, we begin to walk in the Spirit as Jesus did. Remember, you’re a child of another world where your Father’s will is done all the time, all the way, and without hesitation.

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Suggested book: “My Sheep Hear My Voice” by Hedgecock J.C.

(Note: when learning to walk in the Spirit take it slow.  If God asks you to do something that is totally strange or life changing it is OK to seek counsel, particularly if it is dangerous or can be dangerous to someone else.  Once you learn God’s voice you can trust Him for bigger things.)