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can you hold me

For Those Who Shall Inherit The Earth

Sweating, I sat listening to the elders.  One after the other they spoke to me for about 2 hours under the hot sun.  I thanked them for their words, spoke few of my own, then departed.  To sum up, out in the deep Bush it was “church as usual”.

Unfortunately,  church as usual is not moving God’s people forward.  The way things have always been done is stagnant and uninteresting to many.  We need something very different if we are to be worthy of the Tabernacle Experience.


Being single isn’t a crime


For many singles, finding a suitable mate in church is a big challenge.  Many times, unattached believers are viewed as a threat or a pariah.  Unless you are in your teens, or married, there is just not much room for you in many congregations.  Add to that the lack of selection of potential mate and you have a perfect storm for loneliness or, worse yet, fornication.

What, then is the solution for this dilemma?  Obviously, when one way is blocked, we should  consider alternative routes.  The destination may be the same, but perhaps the Holy Spirit has a different and better way to reach it.


Sharing the message of divine love with singles


The Tabernacle Experience is really the answer for single believers.  While natural minded dating is a gamble, listening to the Holy Spirit is not.  God knows exactly what He’s doing and, if we trust His voice, will lead us right to our Divine Mate.

What I propose to do is to facilitate God’s Divine Love in singles meetings.  On Saturday nights, host gatherings for the unattached believers, teaching them about Divine Love, sharing testimonies, with worship and dance afterwards.


A meeting of our spirits and bodies


These meetings will accomplish three things:

1.  Provide an alternative venue for Christian singles to meet.

2.  Give a forum for Tabernacle saints to share about Divine Love.

3.  Create a safe space for people to dance and connect with one another in the Spirit.


Currently there is the general “way” to conduct church services, however that tried and true formula is not conducive to spiritual connections.  What is needed is a more relaxed atmosphere where people can experiment and learn to connect with one another in the Spirit. As it turns out, dancing creates the perfect conditions for peoples’ spirits to emerge and unite with God and one another.


The way of Tabernacles more perfectly


What these meetings may ultimately turn out to be is the beginning steps towards biblical Love Feasts.  Once singles begin to experience Divine Love through one another, word will spread like wildfire.  Holy love, shown through pure expressions of the Spirit, will satisfy their deep longing to be loved like nothing else on earth.


Can you hold me


Truthfully,  most sexual sin stems from our longing to be held by someone we trust.  The desire to “give ourselves ” to another is so strong, we often commit sin just to meet that need.  Men and women sometimes have sex with complete strangers just to share a moment of bliss, regardless of the shame it brings afterwards.  Imagine if you could receive a holy kiss, or hug, or caress without feeling that you must have sex to receive it?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience intimacy without shame? Can you hold me? I declare, in the name of Jesus, “yes I can!” That, my friends, is exactly what the Tabernacle Experience can be for you.