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language of heaven

The Tongues Of Angels

In the beginning, there was one language of heaven.  God spoke in tongues as He created the Heavens and the earth.  Tongues, as we refer to it now, was a universal dialect composed of an infinite expression of YHWH’s wisdom, power and love.

The Holy Spirit filled His children and this was the language of heaven.  Only those one with YHWH could speak and understand it.  This is why both the Angel’s and Adam spoke it fluently.

What we call tongues is the language of heaven

This then, in its perfection, was also the language of love spoken by God’s Seraphim in the inner chambers on the holy mount of God.  Only the first language could begin to express their love and adoration for the Most High.  Even the “Holy, Holy, Holy” that Isaiah heard, which shook the temple door posts, is only an infinitesimal part of what God’s Seraphs really express.

As Adam sinned,  he lost the ability to speak the language of heaven

When Adam sinned, God’s Holy Spirit lifted off from his head as a tongue of fire.  The original language, along with its understanding, departed along with the Spirit of God like a mighty rushing wind.

At that time, God moved the eternal city to heaven, drove Adam and Eve from the garden, and removed the Tree of Life from this earth. God subjected this creation to corruption, awaiting the glorious manifestation of the sons of God.

Adam, his understanding now darkened, having chosen reason over revelation, created the first earthly language.  It was this first language that God and His Seraphim confused at the Tower of Babel. If God had not done so, the technological world we live in now, would have happen thousands of years ago.

God restores the language of heaven

In these latter days, through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, YHWH removed the enmity between Himself and mankind.  Through the gift of His Holy Spirit,  God indwells the descendants of Adam once again, returning just as He left nearly 6000 years ago.

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we speak the language of heaven once again.  We speak like the first man spoke as the Spirit gives the utterance.  Though our natural minds remain unfruitful, in our spirits we speak mysteries.

We taste of the world to come

The gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues is simply a specific foretaste of a universal language of the Spirit.  In the Body of Christ, there is coming a day when all will not only speak a heavenly language, but also understand the interpretation thereof.

While we need special interpreters to understand when God speaks a tongue in church, there is coming a day that all will understand without an interpreter.  In that hour, the Body of Christ will understand God and the mysteries spoken by His Spirit without effort.

Speak with the language of heaven

In conclusion, speak with the language of heaven.  Allow God to give you understanding by His Spirit.  Yield to His voice and speak with one accord with a voice of many waters.  The unity of the Spirit is much deeper and broader than we can yet comprehend.  We,  led by His Spirit, are  returning to one heart, one mind, and one language of heaven.

Come In Your Glory – Beautiful Singing In The Spirit