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one story

There Is Only One Story

There is really only one story that resonates with people. Though the tale of Christ may be told many different ways, sometimes clearly, sometimes obscurely, still his truth resonates like nothing else does.

Revelation speaks to our spirits

Revelation affects our spirits. We instinctively know the things of God are right, because we have the gut feeling they are. This is our spirit bearing witness that what out Father says is true.

Lies, on the other hand, affect our minds which naturally gravitate towards the knowledge of good and evil.  We become prideful in our understanding and begin to worship our brain rather than the God who made it.

There is only one story

There is really only one story for God changes not.  All stories. Which impact our spirits, are derived from that one ultimate truth, which is God.  What many secular writers do is edge up to that eternal story, passing it off as something original.  However, all these plagiarists are accomplishing is making up derivatives of the original without acknowledging the one true God.

The other narrative out there is Luci’s lie.  Her sad tale of woe is the original lie from which all other perversions of the truth flow.  Natural minding people, led around be their arrogance,  fall easy prey to the sum of all wisdom gone bad.

Simply tell God’s story

The bottom line, for Spirit led believers, is that we don’t have to explain God’s truth to the natural man.  All that is necessary to do is speak revelation to peoples spirit.  If they have a propensity towards God, that pure, unadulterated story will activate their spirits and they will believe.  This is the essence of the preaching of the cross and Christ crucified.  Amen.

Blessed Assurance by Alan Jackson