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A church without walls

We are the church without walls

I remember the old Nirvana song “come as you are.” It was a clarion call to the outcasts of society. It offered acceptance and a space where they could relax and belong.

Jesus is calling the outcasts of society to “come as you are.” He is calling all those who are on the streets of this world to find acceptance and peace in His love. Christ is calling us to a church without walls.

We should never look at the outside because at the resurrection everyone is going to receive a glorified body. There is no one that is do broken or dirty or sick that will remain that way in Jesus. When we step onto the streets of gold in New Jerusalem all we be just as the would have been had Adam never sinned.  God promises to restore all things! The New Heavens and New Earth is the church without walls because the whole world is Gods church.

Let us come as we are

The church here on earth is dead to many because religious people cannot accept people where they’re at and for who they are. They try to make us into their image and likeness. We do not want to be like you. Don’t insist we be something else than who are. We cannot conform to others idea of what God is: we just want God as He truly is. Let us conform to Jesus.

The point is that we come as we are. We will change because our love for Jesus causes us to want change. Being in the presence of God is what changes us. Forgiveness changes us. Peace changes us. All we want is “the real.”  We need a church without walls.

The time of our visitation

The true church of Jesus Christ will be almost unrecognizable to those steeped in man’s religion.  We are coming into a time of great liberty and it will manifest in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Therefore, in order to know God we will have to learn to hear and trust His Voice. This church without walls we be God manifest in the flesh but unless we trust His voice we may miss Him. Purpose in your heart now to see which spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears what the Spirit is saying and doing in generation.