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Good morning!

Esther greets,

“Good morning! Our connection with each is really helping both of us.  It’s like we’re helping each other out of our respective caves.  The way that God is doing it through us is really not stressful, His love just flows out,  So what is next! What has God got in store for us today!


“Re-creation. Like the first morning in Eden. The more we open up to Him and each other the more God re-creates us back into His image and likeness.  Till we come back into what we would have been had Adam never fallen.”


“It is true…like putting the pieces of life back together.  I feel like more and more weight lifts off of my shoulders..feeling lighter and clearer minded.”


“We come not to destroy the scriptures but to fulfill them.  I don’t know exactly what that is yet, but it ends in perfection”


“Which is what Jesus said, that he came to fulfill and not destroy”


“That is why we eventually receive glorified bodies, To complete the process.”


“Michael, step back a level and imagine many Adams and Eves recreated in perfection…become more innocent with each new morning. I picture us and those like us as beacons or emanations of God’s love, globally instigating the kingdom of heaven on earth.  The Body of Christ as a catalyst with a light so strong that it drives out the darkness.  A magnet of love drawing the heavenly light down to Earth.”

God makes all things new


“Behold, I make all things new.  God re-creates us back into His image and likeness.”

Esther, reference the momentary translation experience I had the other day, says,

“I asked what set off your out of body thing before, because this afternoon I was thinking on stuff  and where we at etc, then each time I closed my eyes it was like being whipped across space…really strong feeling in my heart and impression in my mind. I wasn’t ‘asking’ for anything to happen at the time, was just thinking on, I suppose, what gone on to date. Its when I closed my eyes, like “BAM” I crossed star systems to other side of universe or something.”

My yoke is easy and my burden is light

Many, who want to experience things it the Spirit, believe that when they do it will be Hollywood pyrotechnic effects.  In other words, earth shattering.  However, As we move in God and do what we are create to do, we find it so effortless that we are left thinking, “wow, that is something but it is so easy!”  We have been doing things out of sync with God so long that when we do something in sync, like speaking in other tongues, we find no resistance.  Like pushing on a door that opens easily.  This is why Jesus said,

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:30

Michael, getting back to what God is showing him, says,

“I think it is a revelation from God about the “we come not to destroy the scriptures but to fulfill them.” It really describes what is happening to us. We just did not know what the scriptures were really talking about.  Didn’t know that the unity of the Spirit was connections or the feeling of you in me and I in you.”


“Of course it does, because since the fall, the whole of the scriptures has been about journeying back there….so if and when that happens, that is will we fulfill them and their purposes. I think that is what full unity is or will be with us or representative of, well more than that – a representative, symbolic, literal and spiritual really.”


“Many things we thought were figurative are actually literal.  All this stuff we are experiencing is like have a curtain pulled back. A new day, new morning, new dawn”

Reconnecting with our spirits


“I say this not in a bad way, but my left arm is shaking like crazy, I’m almost feeling light headed but not exactly.  These types of manifestation are not oppressive basically, I just feel dancy…like my spirit dancing n prancing about creation with a odd sense of serenity and care free-ness. I’m saying its odd cos I’m not used to this state of being. I’m trying to hold onto my humanity even though that defeats object of letting go!”


“Usually your body reacts like that because of what is happening to your spirit, letting go of you body movements may help free your spirit to do its thing. It is like your spirit reconnecting with you body and the two are not used to being together.  You are having to learn to allow your spirit to control your body all over again.  You are beginning to walk in the Spirit.”


“what happens when worshiping at church is  that I get all spirited up and my body does all that after a while, but prior to that I’m ‘there’ ya know…so its not necessary that body movements are proof of spiritual activity – if that makes sense – its more an “after burn” or a “catch up” if ya ask me…cos my spirit pretty much instantly does its own thing.”

A sacrifice of our love

In conclusion, many who read about Divine Love, Spiritual Connections, and Spirit Led Intimacy, my think that these precepts do not fit with the scriptures.  Some may believe that Spiritual Unions, like Esther and I share, violate fundamental tenants of their Christian faith.

However, the manifested sons of God come not to destroy the scriptures but to fulfill them.  We are a recreation of the first Adam. Christ manifests in our flesh as we yield to the Holy Spirit. Such unions are the breath of the word made flesh. God’s nature lives through us, demonstrating 1 Corinthians chapter 13 to the world.  The first love of Eden causes Ephesians chapter 4 to become reality, for as we become one in Spirit we achieve the unity of His Spirit. Spiritual Unions fulfill the prayer of Jesus in John chapter 17 as we become one in God and unite with each other.

finally, it’s a sacrifice to bare our spirits and souls to others in love. These experiences are profound and intimate expressions of God’s love to us.  We do this, though, because we believe that others need to know that they are not alone.   People who come to know connection love can take comfort that others are experiencing the same types of intimacies with God and each other.

God bless,

Michael and Esther

Morning Has Broken