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out of gas

Learning To Listen To God

One day I was practicing listening to the Holy Spirit.  Driving through Tennessee in my truck, beautiful scenery passed by on a summers day.  In the back of my pickup I had 6 or 7 five gallon gas cans.  I had used most of them but I knew I had one left.  As I drove down the country roads God would say, “take a left,” or “go straight ahead.”  Hour after hour I drove as my gas gauge went lower and lower.  I saw a gas station coming up and I ask God “can I stop?”  The Holy Spirit said, “no.”   I kept driving and sure enough I ran out of gas.  Climbing into the back of my truck, I took out the remaining full can and emptied it into the tank. 

You are not out of gas

I continued driving until my gas gauge read empty once again.  Driving in the middle of nowhere, I had no idea how far it was to the next town.  Talking to God, I said, “I am out of fuel, I have to stop”.  God replied.”no, you are not out, keep going”.  That day, I really didn’t feel like walking or trying to hitch a ride and so I argued with God and told Him that I had no gas.  God simply said, “you are not out of gas”  to which I said, “Yes I am, all my gas cans are empty and my gas gauge reads empty; I am definitely about to run dry.”

Failing to listen to God

I am not proud of my next decision because I did not listen to God and when I ran across a gas station I stopped and fueled up.  Though I felt badly, I just did not want to walk that day.  I continued on my cross-country journey for another 4000 miles.  After a week or so I started cleaning out the back of my truck, removing all the things I had brought with me, until I came to my empty gas cans.  Each can I removed was very light except the last one: it was full of gas!  I had carried one gas can all those miles not realizing that it was full.  Immediately the Holy Spirit said “I told you so.” and, feeling very sheepish, I said, “Sorry.”

I was not out of gas

God is always right and when we believe our own eyes more than what He says we are always wrong.  I often think back to that lesson when I’m faced with believing God even though what He says seems opposite of what I think.  The truth is that I was “not out of Gas” that day but just “out of faith”.  I pray that God will help me trust Him more in the future.

Take Your Shoes Of Moses by A Southern Gospel Revival: Courtney Patton