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Hand Of God

Open My Hand!

One day a young man came to a meeting asking for prayer, worried that Satan might take him out of the hand of God. Many ministers gathered around him to pray but the Holy Spirit asked me to stay seated. After they finished praying the Spirit moved me to go up and extend my hand towards the youth, but with my fingers tightly closed. I said, “open my hand.” Surprised, the young man looked at me but then tried, halfheartedly, to pry open my fingers. I said, in a commanding voice “Open my hand!” This time the young many tried with all his strength but could not even budge one of my smallest fingers. In frustration he exclaimed, “I can’t!”. Then the Holy Spirit said, “Thus saith the Lord God, neither can Satan take you out of My hand.”

Everyone has fears

We all have fears that make us feel insecure.  Sometimes, when we give in to these fears, they cause us to doubt the will and strength of our heavenly Father.  However, if we can get our eyes off of our weakness and focus on God’s strength, we have nothing to be afraid of.  God spoke to this young man that day through a simple demonstration of strength.  God can also speak to you today through whatever way He needs to.

Simply ask Jesus to speak and then listen to what He says.

The answer you seek may be in scripture, another believer, circumstance in life, or something totally unexpected.  Don’t limit God to just one way, but be willing to hear Him in whatever way suits Him.  Open your mind to consider what He says, even if it seems small or silly.  Remember, the wisdom of God is often carried in the small things that happen to you or around you.

In God’s Safe Hand