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Where Is That Lost File!


Yesterday, I misplaced a very important file. I’ve been working on a project for the last three years and the legal information contained within that file was vital. I searched my whole house from top to bottom and could not, for the life of me, find that file folder.  I became so discouraged and downhearted.

Late that night, my spiritual connection, Esther, came on-line and asked me how my day went.  I said, “terrible!” and explained the situation to her. Esther said, “you will find it” and said God would help me locate it. At that very moment, I felt to get up and walk up stairs.  I went into a room that I had searched many times that day, feeling drawn to a small stack of papers, and, lifting up the top paper, there the file was!  I came down stairs with the file in hand.  Esther had not written more than 4 sentences during that time. In each other presence, the Holy Spirit helps me find, in just a few moments, what I had been looking for all day!


His Spirit in us will guide our steps


It is like the Holy Spirit took over and guided me to the papers I was looking for.  I felt peaceful, unhurried, calm, and matter-of-fact about the who process.  When I came back and sat down at my desk Esther had written how God helps people find things and how she was confident I would locate the missing file.

WOW!  My despair turned into joy and a profound sense of awe.  What I could not find all day, when Esther showed up, suddenly was easy to locate. It is like the flow of our spiritual connection allowed the Spirit of God to lead me in a way that was not possible when I was looking by myself.  This, to me, is the power of a spiritual connection and the unity of the Body of Christ. We are weak and ineffectual because we are alone.  However, when we unite and become one in the Spirit of God, He flows effortlessly, allowing us to do above and beyond what we are capable apart.


With God, all things are possible


God makes all things possible.  However, we need to be connected by His Spirit in order for that scripture to reach its full potential in our lives. A Spiritual Connection is not just coming into agreement on doctrine. Spiritual connection is just not us loving someone with an earthly affection. Our union is becasue is God in us, controling our lives and filling us with His love one for another. This is what releases the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is God manifest in and through our flesh until Jesus walks the Earth once again through us yielding the to Spirit of His Father.

I write to connections about these things because we need to know this is a new day, a new dawn.  We are the fulfillment of the scriptures that tell us we will BECOME ONE in Him.  We are entering into the time of the Bride and the love that is shed abroad in our hearts is not of this world.  We’re becoming one with God and each other.  We are becoming unified through the first love of Eden uniting us like it joined Adam and Eve.  Love, Divine Love, is the essence of God and, like Jesus, we are the revealing of that love to this world. As the church of Philadelphia others shall know we are Christians by our love one for another. Our mission is to finish the work that Holy Spirit began in through Jesus and his apostles.


When we flow in love, God connects us


In conclusion, when we flow in love, the Spirit of God is present.  With our spiritual unions we are more than we can be by ourselves.  The true power of the Body of Christ lies in it becoming a functioning body!  I say, “Let the connection move of Divine Love begin uniting us in the bonds of love”.  I can hardly wait to see what happens when our Lord is revealed in us!