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queen of the night

Dear Connections,

Until you see things from a certain perspective, you just can’t understand what is going on.  However, when God tells you the truth from His perspective, suddenly everything starts to make sense.  Lucifer was the equivalent of God’s first wife.  She was the Chief Musician, perfect in beauty, the sum of all wisdom.  She seduced a third of heaven to follow her in rebellion against the Most High.

I am hard pressed to be believe that the people who design these sets and choreograph these music videos don’t know what they are doing.  The best and brightest are drawn to the glamour and money of Hollywood.  However, often times, in order to get the edge they need, artists often reach into the spiritual realm, knowingly or unknowingly, and present eternal truths.  Most really successful people and projects do this.  This is why consumers connect with them so strongly. Many have an innate sense that the “Queen of the Night” is true, they just don’t know why.  In the first few seconds of the music video, “queen of the night,” you see this:

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the “Queen Of The Night!”

The rebellion of the queen of the night in the sides of the north, in the mount of the congregation

The revealing of Lucifer for who she really is

Then what happens?  The cloak drops and reveals a beautiful woman, shining with light and dripping with sensuality, singing with the voice of an angel.  Is this how the Chief Musician deceived a third of the angels?  If this is all just coincidence, it is an amazing coincidence.

People often don’t know what they are doing, because they are operating under Strong Delusion.  I am not saying anything bad about Whitney Huston as a person (God rest her soul).  What I am saying, though, is that her song and performance as the “queen of the night” is a very accurate portrayal of…

Fallen Lucifer: The Queen Of The Night

Queen Of The Night by Whitney Huston