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There Is Only One Way Out Of  The Grave

One area of our Christian walk that often times hinders God’s children is our near total reliance on our “natural minds.” God says,

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Proverbs 14:22

Natural minds only think of natural things

Our natural minds, or that which we can know through our natural abilities, often dictates what we will allow God to do. There are so many principles and boundaries we follow consciously and unconsciously that, many times, even when God speaks plainly, we decline to hear and obey. Thinking we know better, our disobedience seems reasonable when, in fact, it is not.

The consequences of our actions are very high.  Decisions we make may determine eternal life and eternal death for ourselves and others.  If we understood how important our obedience is, we would radically change our behavior so that all might be saved.

You are what you do in God

There is a lot of preaching, teaching, talking, and praying, however, it is in our doing that we actually obey God. After Jesus ascended, it is worth noting that the first book in the New Testament is entitled “Acts”.  The book of Acts details what the apostles did. I believe that, as disciples of Christ, it is what we do that defines us.  Unfortunately, it is not ok to live a natural life and give only bits and pieces of ourselves to God.

We desire to serve God.  Convinced of eternal salvation, we know our lives are as temporary as this present earth. While literally billions hang in the balance between eternal life and eternal death, we must act.  That is why we must “listen, hear, and obey on time” what God is saying today.

Keith Green sings in “Asleep in the light”,

“Can’t you see, can’t you see, all the people sinking down, don’t you care, don’t you care, don’t you care if they all drown, how can we be so numb not to care if they come”

We feel and hear a cry of the Holy Spirit that is struggling to reach the surface in our hearts. This voice within us awakens and encourages us to work while it is yet day. The need is so urgent that we must “listen, hear, and obey on time”.

Keep your eye on the prize

The fashion of this world is passing away and nothing, except the souls that are saved by God, will survive it. Let us fix our eyes upon what is eternally important.  Let’s accomplish the work God has given each one of us: i.e. to let Jesus live through us.

Finally, what God is speaking to you now, even though your natural mind says “This cannot possibly be right”, is, in fact, absolutely correct. What your reason wishes to dismiss as “too strange for words” and “God would never do that” is the beginning of hearing the voice of God in your life. Listen to your heart, for it usually hears the still small voice of God better than your natural mind does. To follow Jesus, sometimes you must walk on water with no reasonable expectation of survival.

God meant what He said to you

Furthermore, if you can hear it, what God has told you in times past is also correct. He has not changed His mind for your life, His original call is still what He wants you to do.

If God has pricked your heart, hear and obey His voice today. Please do not bury His will in your life again because besides the loss you will suffer in heaven, many people are literally depending on your obedience. If you do not obey, they may not be touched and never eat of the tree of life.