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God’s wants to author your life’s story

Even though God’s Love is created at some point within, it is more than that, it is implanted from His big pool of Love that has always existed,  then formed. The word creation suggests implanted, but His Love is a part of His creation that has all the Omni (Omniscient, Omnipresent, etc.) things attached to it, making it more Alpha and Omega. God is Love.

Our spirits have always been, just not in the same way. His Love is above, in that sense. Spiritually speaking, His Love in the spirit flows through everything and all, including us. Spiritually, we have always existed, just not through everything like his Love. His Love is the spark of all creation. His Love is what propels and compels it.

Love always generates life in all things. Hate always generates death in all things. Love stops hate.

Hate cannot dominate His Love. Where there is Love, hate cannot exist. Just like where there is light there can be no darkness. They are incompatible things, mutually exclusive. Another way to explain it is, the more I open up to the Love and Light of God to flow into me from others, and the more I open to let it flow to others from me, the more darkness is driven away.

Love is the ultimate salve and does not even leave scars when it heals us.  Ungodly things only have power in our lives if we allow them to. You can accept life or death, light or darkness, love or hate, by our choices. We either speak and accept life, light, love or speak death, darkness, and hate. We are not obliged to resign ourselves to the wickedness and darkness because Jesus has overcome them all.


Therefore, purpose in your heart to:

Speak life, not death.

Think life, not death.

Feel life, not death.

Smell life, not death.

Taste life, not death.

Embrace and accept that His Love sets us all free from all our chains

Our story can be authored by God. We serve the Almighty.  Our eyes look to our King because our eyes are no more downcast, gazing upon the devil’s work.

It is about what we allow to manifest in our lives, whether we allow things to drag us down, or believe what God can do here and now on this earth to make them better. It is about focus and what we are willing to accept in our lives. Are we willing to just accept what is thrown at us or are we willing to take it and turn it around, letting His Love and Light shine through us and transform us?

He can use anything and change everything.  We just need to understand that fact and truly believe it.  We either believe or we do not believe, it is that simple. If faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains, imagine if your faith was bigger than a mustard seed? Faith is more than lip service, it is our actions also.

Why not go to the source of all things?

God is the source of all things, therefore,  why not go to Him directly?  Is it because we feel unworthy? Is it because we feel He is far away and unreachable?  We have, in essence, become the children of Israel that drew back in fear when God spoke directly to them.  We want Moses to go up, meet God, and bring Him down to us.

However, Jesus is not scary.  Jesus is our mediator of a better covenant.  No longer is our faith based on a set of rules we follow blindly, but on a person who sympathizes with us because He lived among us.  Jesus is a good and gentle shepherd that we can trust and follow with confidence.  Jesus says,

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

You can trust your good Shepherd

Trust and accept that no matter what, God has a good plan for you.  He Loves YOU very much, and desires an intimate relationship with YOU. Your Bridegroom wants the best for His beloved always. Be open to that and embrace Him with all your heart, your mind, and your soul.  Answer His invitation to His banqueting table.  Allow Him to cover you with His Love and hold you close.

Today declare with me, that me and my household will serve the Lord.  Agree with me that we will be restored by the renewal of our minds through His love. Join me in my belief that God leads us and directs us.   Accept that God can turn things around and there is literally nothing He cannot do if we ask. Realize that what the devil keeps showing us is an illusion that has no real power.

Listen, God is speaking to you

May you be blessed and feel His very real Love and direction in your life. Listen for Him speaking to you.  Hear what He says to you and simply obey.  Know that your God can use anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow for His good purposes in your life. Believe that your story is authored by God.


Open Skies by David Crowder