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Please, Can Someone Tell Me What’s Going On?

Many believers have a fundamental sense that something is wrong with the world.   It is an uneasiness, almost a foreboding of an impending “something”.   Forces seem to be at work in our lives that we have no control over. Instead of our lives (naturally or spiritually) getting better and better, we are struggling more and more just to hang on.

The fact is, you are right, there is something very wrong with the world.  The truth is, we are living in days foretold by seers and prophets who wrote the Scriptures.  God says,

“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”

Proverbs 22:3

10 fundamental truths to help you understand

what’s going on.

We are living in a shadow world government..

World government is already here, it is just too big for most to grasp.  On a world-wide scale, transnationalists are busy breaking down sovereignty, moving masses of people from one country to the next, making trade deals which transfer vast amounts of wealth from one region to another, and breaking down the social norms of different cultures into a cohesive governable mass.  These globalists champion abortion, LGBTQ rights, child rights (over the wishes of their parents), the United Nations, World Court, World Trade Organization, and Global Warming, etc.  We are living in their trap, all that remains is for it to close.

The Bride of Christ is here, living amongst us, we just do not recognize them yet.

The very elect are living amongst us.  These saints are members of the Bride of Christ who are translated to God before the Great Tribulation.  Jesus keeps his wife out of that time of sorrows because he loves her.  Fundamental to going in the rapture is believing there is one.  There will be a remnant of the church that remains and their path to glory is through martyrdom.

We are in the midst of Strong Delusion, a demonic darkness that blinds many in these last days.

The reason that people are acting so unreasonable is that they are anointed by the Devil and are given over to Strong Delusion.  Wars and rumors of wars is not God’s will.  Famines, plagues, and social unrest is not the plan of God.  Then why do people busy themselves about such things?  Why do some people dedicate their whole lives to advancing the cause of evil?  It is because they are delusional and cannot see the truth because they willfully believe a lie.

Evolution, which seems so sensible and fundamental to “educated” people, is utter bunk.  It is both a symptom and root cause of Strong Delusion.  God created the heavens and the earth, not some “Big Bang”.  Yet people who are normally dispassionate about everything else, take great offense if you suggest that mankind did not evolve from primordial goo.

Without being filled with the Holy Spirit you are in grave danger of following after the Beast.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in other tongues is absolutely necessary in these final days of the gentile church age.  To be without any gift that God desires to give you is bad enough, but to be without His present indwelling and guiding you in these last days is spiritual suicide.  Those who count speaking in other tongues as emotionalism and tout their scriptural faith as all they need are foolish virgins.  Without the illumination of the Spirit in the midst of this Strong Delusion you cannot find your way.

Most church doctrine is either wholly or partially in error.

You name the doctrine, it is probably wrong or partially incorrect.  What people say is established dogma is usually part error or abject heresy.  Almost the only doctrines that the church has partially correct is Salvation and Water Baptism, but even those understandings are woefully incomplete.  Natural minded men cannot understand a supernatural God.  Neither can they understand His utterances.  Understanding must be given by the Holy Spirit, else we can never see the truth.

Most ministers labor under the assumption hat they believe correctly and, therefore, demand that everyone believe as they do.  These people are puffed up, blind leaders of the blind and have little humility when it comes to doctrine.  The worst thing they do is lead their people in their ways instead of God’s way.  The vast majority of ministers today are simply extensions of the Antichrist spirit.  Clergy men and women are preparing their people to fall victim to the natural man of sin, because they demand that their congregations live by their natural minds. The Antichrist embodies everything the natural minded man is, therefore, because they are like him they will follow after him.

Divine love is the sign of Tabernacles.

Divine love is the next move of the Spirit.  Intimacy with God is the sword of the Spirit that will separate the wheat from the chaff.  All those who embrace God and each other as the Spirit leads will separate themselves from the world and its harlot church system.  These stand as a great army and temporarily bring the kingdom of the beast to a grinding halt through Divine love.  The unity of the Spirit brings about the unity of the faith and the Bride of Christ, the church of Philadelphia, is caught up to God and to His throne just like Christ was 2000 years ago.

To reject God’s love manifested through the body of Christ is to reject God Himself.  Those who spurn God’s advance turn upon those who embrace Him.  Like a jealous woman they desire to get rid of their rival and those who once believed become persecutors of the brethren calling for their death.  It may seem preposterous to you, but I am speaking literally and not figuratively.

What most view as the Christian church is actually part of the Harlot Church of Revelation 17:5

The churches that you know, Episcopal, Lutheran, Mennonite, Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, Baptist, and many nondenominational churches to name a few, are all presently a part of and in alignment with the Harlot Church.  Though they may not look the same on the outside, inwardly they share the same spirit and it is not holy.  The push for ecumenism is merely a symptom of a general falling away from the truth which makes such compromise possible.

Within the visible church there are people who are true believers.  In their hearts they love God even though they are caught in the grips of their particular churches false doctrine.

Demons are real and they can and do reside in Christians.

Demons do dwell in Christians.  Doctrine is really irrelevant to the reality of the situation.  Evil spirits are why we do a lot of the terrible things we do.  When you think about it, it is good to realize that the terrible thoughts or actions are not solely our fault.  Fallen angels want to hurt you and others.  It is literally all that is on their minds.

You get the spirit you yield too.  If you allow yourself to become angry they will be right there to fan the flames.  If you dwell on negative thoughts, demons are there to amplify it into deep depression or sometimes even suicide.

Many people have generational demons passed down through family lines. Demonic abuse passes from generation to generation because the demons remain.  Often times, perversions and violence are handed down through parents or relatives.  However, sometimes these demons work through complete strangers because they are hanging around a family bloodline.  This is why you see terrible things jump from one generation to the next.

Angels are real and they can and do reside in Christians.

Angels are your friends, sent by God to help you complete your salvation.  The Holy Spirit acts through angels to protect and help you through each day.  Most of the time they are unseen, but sometimes you feel their presence.

Any time you yield to love, peace, or joy, know that angels are present to rejoice with you.  You should not pray to angels, for they don’t like that, but you can ask God do send them to you in times of trouble or need.

Part of God’s nature is intimate and the Bride of Christ will embrace this fact.

God is intimate with His Bride.  This is fundamental truth, there is no way around it.  Embrace that part of our Lover’s nature whole heartedly.

Our Father created our intimate nature and knows exactly why and how we work.  As we return to innocence our shame leaves and we do not worry about such things.

The rejection of intimacy is one of the primary factors that cause people to fall away from the faith.

God loves us through one another, this is a fundamental understanding  The Spirit in us moves through us to demonstrate the love of God to the extent (and no more) that He leads and guides us.

No one should judge another man’s servant.

In conclusion, if you do not understand any one of these fundamental truths it is difficult to know what’s going on.  Consider these perspectives even though they may be very different from how you  believe. Determine prayerfully if they help you understand what’s going on.  Coming out of Strong Delusion is a process and it takes time. The truth is, we are all decieved to some degree.

Finally, the fundamental way to hide yourself from the evil is to learn to hear the voice of God.  Not only that, you must listen to what He says.  As God speaks, If you don not, then you are no better off than before?  Lastly, obey what God says to do when He says to do it.  Obeying God’s voice without question may make the difference between life and death for you and those around you.


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