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agape love

We Grew Up Expressing Agape Love

Many Christians have heard of the term agape love.   To most, agape love means selfless love.  Eros love, eros being the root of the word erotic, paints a picture of sexual self-gratification.  Eros is often thought of as the opposite of agape love.

However, here is a truth,

“Agape love is not the absence of intimacy”

Agape love is selfless love; however, it is not the absence of sexuality.  God’s love simply does no harm to the person He loves. However, if the person loved needs to be held, kissed, or even caressed, agape love is more than happy to do that.  Agape love fulfills the need it is presented with.  When you love with pure love, you want to meet the need of the person you love without concern for yourself.

Pure love is not the absence of physical love

This whole idea that pure love is the absence of physical love is rubbish.  God made intimacy and He is positive towards it in all its many forms.  Men and women are intimate creatures.  Parents hug, kiss, and caress us as we grow up.  Only out of shame, stemming from sin, do we refrain from our natural state of being as we grow older.

The “sign” of the coming move of Tabernacles is Divine Love.  Divine Love is the very nature of God.  As God manifests through us to one another, we become expressions of His nature.  As such, we are the hands of Jesus, the voice of God, even the kiss and caress of His Holy Spirit.  A holy kiss is, in fact, YHWH kissing through one of His saints.  As Christians become one with God, our beloved holds us and loves us with love eternal.  Our love relationship with Christ, as He intended, is couched in the terms of the love relationship between a man and women for a good reason: that is exactly what it is.

Mary Magdalene washed Jesus feet with her hair

The absence of physical expression of love within the church is antichrist.  Mary Magdalene washed Jesus’s feet with her hair.  John lay on the lap of Christ during the last supper.  Jesus touched the leper.  Our God manifest in Jesus was and is approachable.  Jesus did not take a wife, not because he could not, but because he was the Lamb destined to be slain from the foundation of the world.  It would have been unfair to leave a widow.  Otherwise, it would have been perfectly ok for the Son of God to make love and have children.

Does the thought of Jesus Christ having intercourse with a woman offend you?  May I ask you why?  If Jesus was holy is not all of him holy?  We all hope to attend the marriage supper of the Lamb.  I ask you again “what do you think happens afterwards?”.  We all think it perfectly natural for earthly brides to expect to have sex with their groom.  Therefore, how much more should it be natural for Christ’s Bride to be intimate with Him?

Agape love is God uniting with His people

Now I will attempt to explain how people mate in heaven with God.  Living in the world to come, we love and mate with each other as God chooses.  We make love to whomever God desires.  As we unite in holy love, God unites with us and, together, we bring forth after His kind.  The children born of these physical/spiritual unions are the children of the Most High.  In this way, God populates the New Heavens and New Earth with His sons and daughters born of our divine unions.  It is the union of God and man that produces the brethren of Jesus Christ.  Spiritual connections on this earth are a foretaste of such divine procreation in the world to come.

Therefore, since we have a foretaste of our inheritance in this present world, we love only as the Holy Spirit leads.  If a brother or sister needs to be held we hold them.  If they need to be kissed we kiss them. Anything that they need God does through us in order to care for them as He would.  This goes all the way to marriage, for if a brother or sister needs a mate, God may divinely join you with them to fulfill that need too.

Meet the need God presents you with

What I have just described is Spirit led intimacy, or agape love.  We just don’t say,

“And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?”

James 2:16

No, we meet the need that God presents us with as led by His Holy Spirit.  We do so ONLY as His Spirit leads.  Unless God leads us to touch we do not touch.  Unless the Spirit speaks we do not talk.  If we do not feel led to hold someone we do not hold.  Our selfish desires do not enter into this Spirit led equation.  Agape love never does anything that will harm or hurt the object of its affection.  However, neither does Agape love shy away from doing anything their Spiritual Connection needs.

Did you have to go and do that?

One time the sister of my present wife said, “But did he have to go and marry you?”   Though her sister acknowledged what God did in her sibling was an outright miracle, she did not accept that her sister needed a husband in the bargain.  However, to do anything less would not have been Agape Love.  To stop short of meeting my sister’s real need would have been sacrilegious.

In the garden everyone saw everything.  Physical touch was natural and holy.  In the restoration of all things we return to such innocence once again.  We put off our fig leaves and stand before God naked and unashamed.  In that place, you can lay in the lap of the most beautiful woman in creation, thinking of nothing else but how much you appreciate and love her.  If you don’t believe me just wait, it is coming.  In fact the Tabernacle Experience is already here, because He lives in you.