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quite learning

Don’t Think On It

Most everyone wants to be like the man above. If you think of Genius, you think Einstein. Yet, Einstein broke with almost every other classical physicist in order to come up with the equation that made him famous.

Here is a truth,

“The majority is almost always wrong”

Therefore, in order for God to move us forward, we can’t always consult, much less expect the approval, of Christendom. Many allow themselves to be constrained by the expectations of others. We dare not break out of the particular box that people assign us, even when that box is impossibly small.

When it comes to the doctrines which make up our theology, people who are interested in such things study them. If they are really interested in the Bible, they often go to seminaries. I was one of those people and I studied to show myself approved. Yet the more I studied what others taught was right, the further away I felt from God.

Go back to the garden

As long as I never questioned the fundamental doctrines that others said I had to believe, my relationship with God deteriorated. When I stopped learning and started listening to God directly, that is when I started living again.

I was in a rut and I could not get out of it until I decided to start listening to God contrary to what others said. This is the beginning of the Tabernacle revelation for me. No one ever taught it to me and I never heard it from any book or sermon. One day, God simply spoke to me and said to “go back to the garden”.

Step out of the box others have put you in

We have come to a separation point in Christianity. As many have said, we are indeed at the end of the gentile church age. However, what our Lord is about to do is contrary to almost everything that everyone teaches us is sound doctrine.

If you consider Saul’s conversion from pharisee to apostle, it did not come through any of the learning he received at the feet of Gamaliel. Rather, Saul became Paul through a heavenly vision while on the road to Damascus. Only when He saw the light for himself, i.e. had a person encounter with Christ, could he step out of the box others had taught him.

Stop learning and start receiving revelation

It matters not where you studied or in what denomination you presently reside. What is coming will upend everything you have considered sound doctrine. In order to follow Christ in these last days, you cannot rely upon other men’s teachings.

As Jacob Barnett says, “Stop learning and start thinking”. However, I would add this: Stop learning and start receiving direct revelation. Going back to the garden means returning to a life lived by revelation. We cannot eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge and access the tree of life.

Trust God’s voice

I know how difficult it can be to trust God’s voice. It took me fully two years before I would accept that God spoke to me directly. Thankfully, our Lord is patient with us and bears with our frailties. Hear what God says and simply do His will and that, more than anything else, will liberate your mind from the doctrines of men.