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war on divine mates

Lucifer Wants To Destroy Divine Mates

There are essentially two great wars in heaven. The first war was the first rebellion where Lucifer, pictured above, tried to ascend into the sides of the north. YHWH puts down this rebellion with those who remain loyal to Him.

The second battle, which is ongoing to this very day, is the war on divine mates. By tempting Eve, the bright and shining one tried to destroy the first pair of Divine Mates God created. Fortunately, through God’s grace that assault did not succeed. However, the enemy of our souls has been attacking and harming God’s divine pairs ever since.

The war on divine mates throughout history

Abraham and Sarah were divine mates chosen by God to bring forth the promised son, Issac. Isaac and Rebekah were ordained by God to bring forth Jacob whose name would later be changed to Israel. Israel and his wives, four in number, would birth the entire nation of the Jews. Later we see Esther and and king Ahasuerus, then Ruth and Boaz, David and Bathsheba, and finally, God and Mary.

In all these unions, Lucifer fought until, often times, God Himself had to deliver them out of her snare. Moreover, God’s plans are harmed if Divine Mates fail.

The focus of this creation

I have said all that to say this: Divine Mates are the focus on YHWH’s plan in this creation. Moreover, these are the only unions between men and women that will continue intact into the New Heavens and New Earth. Furthermore, these pairs become the bedrock of God’s new creation, bringing forth after God’s kind for eternity.

Therefore, it is imperative that we refocus our perspective and attention onto what is important to God. Currently, people the world over, hold earthly marriage as the epitome of commitment. However, in the beginning it was not so. The first man and women were joined by God Himself and needed no other authority to become one.

What God joins together only He can break apart

Many believers do not understand that it is what “God joined together” let no “man” put asunder. However, the truth is what God joins together, He is free to put asunder if He wishes. Therefore, even if God does unite a man and a woman for His purposes, He is sovereign and can break them apart for his purposes. This is why there is Divine Divorce for believers. When one or more of those God puts together refuses to do His will, God simply breaks apart what He joined.

Christians, in the main, have made marriage an idol before God. Dressing it up in tradition, many worship marriage more than they honor God. In many Christian churches there is no provision for marrying out of God’s will without His approval. Once people say “I do” there is no way to correct a foolish vow in the eyes of the church other than for one person to die or commit adultery.

Many sacrifice much to the idol of marriage

This, even on the face of it, is simply ridiculous. Furthermore, in practice those within the church get divorced all the time and the clergy simply sweep it under the rug as something that “happens”.

However, the real reason there is so much divorce in the church is that so many people marry outside the will of the Holy Spirit. Many believe that whomever they wed God automatically approves of. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Divine Mates are the focus of this creation. Why? because mankind, as the Bride of Christ, is the eternal mate of YHWH. Therefore, the Lamb’s wife must be made up of those who are paired by Him in the first place.

Everything must come into alignment with God’s will, even our marriages

A central aspect of the coming move of Tabernacles is that God will break apart current church sanctioned marriages to reform pairs of Divine Mates according to His will. God, who does not recognize earthly contracts when they conflict with His will, simply ignores them. People often build entire lives around marriages they assumed to be God’s will, having no validity in God’s eyes.

In this situation the church will declare war on Divine Mates just like Lucifer did. Deceived into thinking they are doing God’s will, they will try to break them apart as she did. Not recognizing God manifest in the flesh those of the apostasy seek to destroy that which God Authors.

The great falling away is not what people assume

The great falling away, the coming apostasy, is a reaction to the revelation of what God is: Love. However, this love comes in a manner and way that almost no one expects: through Divine Mates. The Bride of Christ accepts God’s love while those who follow after the Beast reject it.

So says the Lord.

These truths are not unique to Christian Believers.