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The Golden City, the New Jerusalem, is the eternal home of the Most High.  It is the high, holy place of God Almighty and the temple is its center.  The ancient city, now made new, comes down out of heaven to replenish the New Heavens and New Earth with the sons of God.

We are His temple made without hands, the place God looks to for His rest.  God dwelling in us recreates us back into His image and likeness.  As God’s abode, we are the home where God becomes Himself, living intimately in and through us.

God’s many mansions are His holy habitation

Dance With Me/Glory Coming Down

Here is a truth,

“The only thing lacking in this video is for those who sing it to look into each other’s eyes.”

The revelation of Divine Love is, in fact, a revelation of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  God is love, therefore as we become His holy habitation, we become love too.  God’s Love, which is pure as the driven snow, flows from us unabated to others as YHWH loves through us.

Houses are where we love and live.  Our homes consist of different areas where we carry on the daily business of life.  At the center of our dwellings is our bedroom where we are naked and unashamed.  Likewise, the house of God consists of many mansions, each having a different and unique function in Him.  These places we live with God are for many purposes, yet they all exist to facilitate His will.

His home is our home

As we are one with God, we have access to everything in Him. His many mansions become our home and His family becomes our family.  From friendship to intimacy, we all flow together as He desires, because He is the King over all.

Perfect unity comes from perfect obedience, yet not through fear, but through love. We desire to be whatever our heavenly lover wishes because we long to please Him in every possible way. Our delight is to find ways to love Him. Our satisfaction is when He is satisfied. To love God in all the many ways available is our constant delight.

A place for everyone

In the court of our King, there is pomp and circumstance befitting His station. In the dining halls of His home, we sup with Him. While in the Holy of Holies, His bedroom, we make love to the Most High in exquisite intimacy. The point is, there is a place for everything to happen in Him.

Likewise, within the Body of Christ, there are many areas too. There are those we connect with on an acquaintance level, sharing the love of the Spirit between us. We worship together and praise His name, sharing our love corporately for our King.

Different places for different uses

There are those whom God connects us with for the work of the ministry. We find unity in our shared purpose to advance His kingdom on earth. We work as one, taking pleasure in unity as we do.

If there are those who are sick among us, either in body or soul, we rush to tend to them in whatever way they need. At that time, we don’t think of ourselves, but only of being the support they need. Be it food, clothing, reassurance, prayer, a hug, or a holy kiss, we do whatever is necessary to heal them.

Spirit led relationships based on love

When God has a desire to mate, we allow Him to choose our lover through His wisdom and foreknowledge. Loving another intimately is not about what we want, but about what pleases our Lord. We give of ourselves freely for His pleasure, knowing that in pleasing Him, He blesses us abundantly. Thus, in fulfilling His will, God fulfills our desires and needs.

As we walk through YHWH’s many mansions, we act accordingly as His Spirit leads. Each and every person becomes what God predestines them to be and none is out-of-order. We, as the Body of Christ, are a picture of this heavenly kingdom on earth, foretelling of that great day in Him. God always speaks very plainly of things He intends to do, and what we are experiencing today, speaks of a future beyond our wildest imaginations. Amen.

New Jerusalem by Matt Gilman