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Recently, I have come in contact with a few former members of Community Chapel & Bible Training Center (CC&BTC).  As Don Barnett used to say, “God always has a remnant”.  Though seemingly, at this point, few in number, they have held on to the revelation of Agape Love and Spiritual Connections.

To those who come to this site I would like to say this,

God was taking us somewhere, it’s time to complete our journey together

I have been on my own since I attended CC&BTC in the early 80’s. Throughout this time God has spoken to my heart and led me to write about spiritual connections.  I have never given up nor spoken against Spiritual Connections, because I believe they are the “sign” of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.

I, like most of you, suffered a great deal during the break up of Community Chapel and Bible training center.  The heart-break of being denied that move of God was very traumatic.  People did very unkind things to me and to others like me during that time.  Yet, with the perspective that years gives, I can forgive those who harmed me and I hope anyone I treated unkindly forgives me too.  No one was perfect during those days and we all did the best we could under some very difficult circumstances.

Perhaps it’s time to move on

What I feel to do now, is to move on.  When I say move on I don’t mean forget what happened like a French Foreign Legionnaire, but rather I mean move on to the place that God desired for us to go from the beginning.  Though the Devil wishes to extinguish the revelation of connection love, we don’t have to let that happen.

Through the grace of God I have articulated the Tabernacle Vision.  It is a vision of a restored church full of the light and love of God.  Starting at where Spiritual Connections left off, God has shown me the way forward to the perfection of the saints.  I have been in the promised land, as it were, and I bring you a good report.  It is a land flowing with love, peace, and unity.  Most importantly of all, we are well able to take this land and possess it.

The message I have for you is this,

“We must go the distance.”

What I mean by that saying is this: we must determine to accept God’s love without man-made boundaries.  While I do commend Don Barnett for continuing to hold on to the truth of connections, he could only go so far. 

The contributions that my writings make to the restoration of the Feast of Tabernacles is to make this theology open and malleable enough to hold it for a season.  We really don’t know what the restored church will look like, but we do know the next few steps as we begin our trek back the garden.  What is needed now is to take those steps together by removing the restraints that our natural minds place on God’s Spirit.

Going forth with confidence and assurance

No longer do we have to be frightened children who are afraid to make mistakes.  In the freedom of the Holy Spirit we can go forth with confidence and assurance, knowing that He alone leads and guides us.  We can leave the past in the past and wake up to a new day in Him, refreshed and revitalized by His Spirit of Love.

In reality, what happened at Community Chapel & Bible Training Center is just the latest attempt by God to restore the Final Feast.  The earliest incident of this dates from 167 AD.  Just as the restoration of salvation by faith surfaced many times and in many places prior to the reformation, so too the restoration of Divine Love has been surfacing many times prior to what we experienced at Chapel. The connections move was a fortaste of the third reformation, i.e. the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.

I don’t intend to let the Devil win

We can either allow the Devil to totally extinguish what God was doing at Chapel (in which case all our suffering was in vain) or we can move forward and fulfill it.  As for me and my house I choose to fulfill what God started to do. Why not forget the past with me, vowing to move on together in His Spirit?  Let’s defeat the devil by completing what God gave us to do.  Why not actually possess the promised land of Spiritual Connections and cross of Jordan together this time?

Collaboration and fellowship with former CC&BTC members

Frankly, to take the promised land you have to do so with an army.  I could really use the help and fellowship of CC&BTC allumni who understand spiritual connections. In view of all that the Devil did to squash us, it would be gratifying to complete this journey together.  Think of it, at the very moment when all seems lost, spiritual connections rise again and complete what God was doing at Chapel. That would be way kewl!

God bless,

Michael King

Come As Your Are by Crowder