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Open Source Tabernacles Theology

Remove The Barriers To Your Spiritual Creativity

“Open Source Tabernacles Theology” is defined as:

“denoting a theology for which the original source revelation is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.”

This thought just “hit” me today as I was thinking about the Tabernacle Movement. You see, I don’t want to “control” the source code of Tabernacles Theology but I want to make it freely available for anyone who wants to use it, modify it, or include it in what they are presently doing for God.

For too long the “source code” of belief has been jealously guarded and controlled by the religious powers that be. They have dictated what people can and can not believe through their control of what they consider to be sound doctrine.  Ministers demand that people either line up with what they believe our they cast them out of their fellowship. The horrific thing about it is that the bottom line of what they do is try to control the source code of their theology which is God Himself!

Giving away “Open Source Tabernacles Theology”

What I am doing with Tabernacles Theology is something different.  I am freely giving you access to the Tabernacle Theology and to the means to accessing its source code: i.e. the Holy Spirit. This theology is only a starting point, a loose framework,  a primer if you will, so that you can hook into God and download His Spirit and use what I teach in the way that YOU are led.

In other words, I want to help promote the Holy Spirit gaining direct access to you and you gaining direct access to His Holy Spirit.  Why? Because I fully believe that God is more than capable of managing His own church without all the control that man has sought to maintain. Here is a simple, yet very powerful, truth,

Learn to know God’s voice.  Only listen to those who speak with God’s voice.  Ignore those who do not speak with God’s voice.”

This revelation is hot of the press of heaven.  I just had to get it out to you as soon as possible because I am so excited about it. Imagine, the Body of Christ fully integrated with its Head, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of our Father flowing directly to us and through us to everyone! Wow…what a concept!

How can I apply this teaching to my life?

As your read this website simply take for yourself what makes sense to you and don’t worry about the rest.  If God illuminates a truth to your heart and spirit used it however God leads you.  If you wish, incorporate what you feel helps you understand or live for God better.  It is not necessary that you believe everything I say for some of what I say to bless you.

In Christ Alone by A Cappella