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tabernacles movement

America has been known throughout its history as a place where religious freedom reigns.  We are proud of our heritage of great awakenings sweeping across our country in waves of repentance and joy.  Our people have a tradition of accepting and promoting new revelation which God uses to move His people forward towards the Promised Land of the glorious liberty of His sons.

Along with the steady march of progressive revelation many movements run their course.  Once great movements lay upon the rocks of tradition, legalism, and mediocrity.  Not only have they camped in the wilderness of this world, but they seek to prevent others from moving beyond where they have died.

However, God always has His seven thousand who still keep faith even when times seem evil.  There is always a remnant who move forward and seek out green pastures and still waters.  Even when the majority bleach their bones in the Wilderness of Sin there are still the Joshua’s and Caleb’s who prevail.

The Tabernacles Movement: The Last Great Awakening

The Tabernacles movement will be another such “great awakening.”  It starts as small embers plucked from the fire residing within the Chariot of God.  These divine coals ignite a new generation with fervor not seen since the days of the first Pentecost.  The restoration of Tabernacles will be the third and final step in the restoration of the church in this gentile age.  It is the final act in a play that shows the world the liberty of the sons of God and the power thereof.  It is what brings about the perfection of the saints spoke of in the book of Ephesians.

God is raising up a people who walk in the spirit and power of Elijah.  These are the fully realized Christians of the Tabernacles movement who manifest Divine Love.  This love is from God for it is God.  This holy intimacy is the answer that so many have sought when they yearned for a direct experience with God.  No more will people say “the Bible says” but they will say “I say unto you” what God is speaking today.  Their voices do not contradict the scriptures because they are scripture.  The revelation of God through them naturally dismantles the carefully constructed edifice of legalism that the church worships and serves.

Another Exodus is coming

Consequently, people leave the established church in droves while their churches resort to ever more outlandish ways to fill their pews.  As the true church leaves, they are replaced by those who do not wish to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  People who reject God’s love, become part of the one world super church.  The Harlot Church seeks to dominate the Antichrist while the true church seeks to submit to Christ.  Through Divine Love, God separates light from darkness.  God’s people coalesce into a body fitly joined together in love.

The first step, the part that we can do in the Tabernacles movement, is to get the message out.  The powers that be, great and small, do not want the message of Tabernacles shared with God’s people.  Modern-day Pharisees  marginalize what the Spirit is saying to the churches just as they have done since the first century.

Therefore, we must use every means at our disposal to get the truth out to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Seek to be on the forefront of new social media developments so that we may speak to the opinion-makers of this generation.  Technology simply enables us to be used as the Holy Spirit leads us.  It is a way to share the truth of our experience.  Give the Holy Spirit free rein in our lives to use any available avenue, many of which we will have never considered, to allow others to meet the God which we serve.

Speak to this generation

Secondly, tailor this message to reach the young people of our generation.  Encourage young people, who have the Spirit of God working in them,  to  speak among their contemporaries. In truth, once they catch the fire no one will be able to stop them from doing this for this love is so big it must be shared with the world.

The way that the church presents God is old, dusty, and dry.  Like ancient Israelites who insisted on worshiping in the high places the church stubbornly refuses to change their position.  God made it clear, after Solomon completed the temple,  that His people were to worship at Jerusalem.  Yet, people would not change they way they did things even though God had commanded it.

For us in the Tabernacles movement, it just makes sense to go where God is moving.    If God wants us to change the way we do things in Him, we are all for it.  If God desires that we present the good news to people in a way that they can receive, even if it radically differs from what we have been doing, we say “amen”. The truth God speaks to us is just as true and vital as it was to those of the first century.  We move into the final feast and let God speak through the Tabernacle experience to all those who hunger and thirst.  Tabernacles is where YHWH dwells now.

Demonstrate the Love of God

Thirdly, allow God to demonstrate His love through you.  In the Tabernacles movement, God leads and guides each one of us to show Divine Love to the lost.  This requires humility, teach-ability, and an inner moral compass only God can give us.  We must only do what the Holy Spirit says and no more.   Our core leadership must know the voice of God and demonstrate integrity.  Our greatest witnessing tool is our examples of agape towards one another.  We must be the message we want to give others. Therefore, the Tabernacles movement is primarily a demonstration not a doctrine. Only after people experience the Final Feast in us, can we stand up and say “this is that.”

Fourthly,  we neither seek to engage the church nor will we be hostile towards it.  I am truly amazed at what Christians are capable of in the name of doctrine.  Some become ravenous wolves if they think you are outside their theological box.  The proper way to handle a wolf is to simply stay away from its jaws and claws.  We have no interest in the established church; we do not wish to engage with it.  We go about God’s business outside of the established church.  If the church seeks to engage us, we simply-side step them.

Don’t offer the church a target

If the church persecutes us, we will simply melt away.  If the church wishes to rail against us we will remain dumb and answer not a word.  Remember that when Christians start to do that which is not of Christ we are dealing with demons.  Confused people sometimes are unwittingly servants to evil spirits that manifest through them.  Therefore, recognizing this fact, we understand that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities.

In conclusion, I am writing the Tabernacles movement vision large so that those who hear it may live dangerous.  Are you part of the company that loves not their lives unto death that some might be saved? I am only one voice among many messengers.  As our Father starts to move upon His people in the experience the manifestation of Divine Love,  become one in Him.  Become one because, in our heart of hearts, it doesn’t make sense to do anything else.

Ours is a fellowship based upon what we experience in God.  Knowing God first- hand invigorates and equips us for the work of the ministry.  The Tabernacles movement is a wonderful time to be a believer.  Come experience a unity of the Spirit that finally bring us to the unity of the faith.

Dangerous by Group 1 Crew