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New Life Through God’s Divine Love

Asia is a particularly fertile field in which to sow the seeds of the Final Feast.  Though many mission organizations struggle with a steep learning curve and slow uptake of their message in oriental countries the Tabernacles movement is tailor-made for such cultures.  The reason that this is so is because the essence of the spiritual experience of Divine Love is a master/disciple relationship built upon submission to God Himself.  Our Father knows the hearts of all men and can and will (given the chance) reveal Himself to those who are lost.  When we yield to His Holy Spirit we allow God to manifest Himself through our flesh and meet the needs of those around us in such an intimate way that the common man will hear Him through us gladly.  Oriental cultures understand and embrace submission, recognizing authority in a profound way.

Intimate knowledge through the Holy Spirit

This is in essence what transpired when Jesus witnessed to the Samarian woman at the well.  It was not cleaver words that impressed the Samarian woman but rather the revelation Christ spoke.  Intimate knowledge of her life, by the Spirit convinced her, that Jesus was the Christ.  It is the same type of intimate knowledge that will convince those of the orient (as well as the whole world) that Christ lives and speaks in and through us.

People are not opposed to God to the degree that some may think.  What many are opposed to is people pretending they speak for God without anything “real” attesting to their claim.  People hate hypocrisy and are tired of powerless believers preaching a watered down gospel.   Conversely, if they ever have the opportunity to really experience Christ in us they will naturally open up.

Those who are led by the Holy Spirit

Just as God is a Holy Spirit and is everywhere present so to His Holy Spirit fills the Body of Christ (us). Through Spirit led individuals, God’s goes places where others, who are not led of His Spirit, cannot.  This is a quality that is particularly important when you are dealing with difficult mission fields like China or some of the less mission friendly areas in the far east.  We cannot approach such places in traditional ways because the powers that be are opposed to and ready to stop conventional religion.  However, when the love of God flows through us to those from these places it will ignite their hearts and souls and they will become the fire brands that will cause their native areas to set ablaze for Christ.

The Holy Spirit has no set form

Discipleship  is always how the gospel has spread. Even when it was persecuted and reviled by the world government of its day, individuals spread the good news.  Even though all the might of Roman was bent on destroying “The Way”, it failed. The love, sacrifice, and faith of the saints infected those who experienced it until they too said, “Lord, here am I send me.”  In like manner, as the Tabernacles movement gains momentum its disciples will naturally filter into hard to reach areas with the message and the experience of Divine Love.

The Final Feast is not a set of codified doctrines and naturally morphs the Spirit leads. Christ’s disciples to meet the needs of the others in ways we cannot yet imagine.  Having no set form it will be difficult (if not impossible) to stop.  Like the wind it will be felt, but the movements of the people will seem to be totally random. Like frozen water in the cracks of stone it will split open even the hardest ground. These cracks allow the gospel to grow and flourish in places that did not seem possible.

One on one discipleship

Discipleship, one on one, will greatly aid us in helping those who desire the Spirit receive this revelation.  Tapping into the penchant for a master/disciple relationship provide an accelerated avenue for the manifested sons.  They will be set apart from their society and naturally come into alignment with what God very quickly.  Just as those who saw Christians willing die as martyrs for Christ, joined them because of the faith they demonstrated, Asian Christians will willingly sacrifice all to experience God in the Final Feast.  As God begins to reign in their lives they will do exploits that we cannot yet imagine.

Deep calls to deep

What I write must be spiritually discerned for the natural mind cannot understand the things of the Spirit.  Your heart burns within you it is because God is revealing Himself to you at this very moment.  It is not by coincidence that you are reading what few even know about at this late hour.  The truth is that God is calling you to be among His elect.  Are you Christ’s? Obey His still small voice in your heart, do whatsoever He is asking you to do. Do it without fail, without hesitation, and without reserve.

Way Maker by Paul MaClure