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His Spirit


This is the continuation of our story where YHWH reunites us. Time is a funny thing in the Spirit. While immutable here, in the realm of eternity it is rather fluid. God connected us years ago by His Spirit, yet through circumstances and the enemy, we did not find each other until now.

Whereas parts 1 through 4 were told from Emma’s perspective, this narrative is told from an overarching perspective – a story of the Spirit’s work in us, told from the vantage point of eternity. . . .

God Is Bringing Someone Special

Continuing on…

Michael was told by someone just a few days previously that God was bringing him someone special, someone that is a fulfillment of destiny.   As he read Emma’s reply, God’s Spirit confirmed what had been prophetically spoken. 

In the spiritual realm demons retreated, as God forced layers and layers of oppression to recede, and Michael and Emma felt the Spirit of God rising up in them as he drew them together.  A powerful spiritual pull began drawing them toward each other as they communicated, and as they each yielded to where their spirits were being drawn, they came together – beyond time and space.  Was it a place?  Was it a calling? An assignment from God? Yes – and it was in each other.  The magnetic pull, the knowing, the drive, the calling – it was him and it was her. 

Pressing in

Doubts mixed with eager anticipation filled their minds as they pressed into what they knew but dared not believe. 

A few days passed and Michael awoke in the morning, knowing Emma had come to him.  It was real, in God’s Spirit and it wasn’t a dream.  Though it faded as he stepped into the morning, he knew they had communicated and had come together.  God was doing this.  This was the Spirit’s work.

A Holy Kiss

Several nights later as Michael slept, his spirit came to Emma through God’s Spirit and took her in his arms and kissed her.  He knew. His spirit knew they had been called together to divinely fulfill a God-given destiny, and his spirit boldly drew her spirit to his.  She resisted the kiss – she knew it was him, somehow she knew him, but she resisted.  But then, led by the Spirit, she gave herself fully into his embrace and kissed him with her heart and soul; she knew she loved him deeply.  Then her mind battled her again, and she pulled back – how can this be? Who is he?

In the morning she awoke – was that just a dream? No, it was real…it was just like the visions and dreams she had repeatedly had decades ago of the one she loved and could not bear to be separated from…and they were real – or were they?

It was real

A few days passed and found them speaking on the phone.  He told her of her visit to him in the Spirit, and she told him of his visit to her.  Their spirits knew they had been coming to each other through the Spirit of God and communicating. She asked about the kiss.  Perhaps it was symbolic, not real? His spirit knew the truth and he dared to speak it:  “It was real.”  That night Michael signed off his email to her, “Hugs and kisses” – regretting it as soon as it was sent.  His spirit knew it was the truth, and God’s Spirit had prompted him to write it, but his mind…God, can you really be doing this?

Emma could feel that he regretted having signed off his email that way.  How could she know that? But those words didn’t bother her – for some reason.  And she responded, “And your ‘hugs and kisses’ comment didn’t bother me .‘”

And God answered clearly

Emma knew she was crossing over with him.  This “whatever it was” between them had reached a point of no turning back or stopping now. She could feel that.  In her head it made no sense, in her heart she wanted it, and in her spirit she knew: Her spirit was working with God’s Spirit to draw her deeper into “whatever it was”.  God, please, she prayed, I need to know Your will! I need you to show me for sure if this is you.  I need you to stop this if it is not your will, or show me clearly that you want me to move forward in this “whatever it is” with him.

God moved and He answered clearly.  And from 11:15 until 12:30 that night God connected them. Soul and spirit, He connected them.  Emma was drawn to Michael’s spirit, and his spirit was drawn to hers, and they merged – somehow they merged. She was wide awake all this time – she wasn’t dreaming – and she felt such a love that she had never felt before.  She heard his voice – almost audibly – say her name.  And she heard him say in the Spirit  “Your spirit is so open.  I can just walk right in.”  And then he told her, “you’re beautiful

Such incredible love

As this feeling or communication went on that night, Emma’s mind would kick in.  And when she would start to panic, her Savior was right there, telling her:  “This is Me.  This is My Spirit”.  And then the peace was amazing.  And she felt SUCH INCREDIBLE LOVE.

She was overwhelmed by the amazing love she felt.  And she could feel – and she knew – they were communicating, their spirits were speaking to each other; they were reuniting and delighting in finding each other – again. Most of the time there were no discernible words to her, just spirit to spirit communication as their spirits recognized each other.  Then, at one point, her mind kicked in and interrupted the conversation.  Emma said to Michael, somehow through her mind and the Spirit of God, “But I don’t know you!”  Michael responded by the same means, “I would never hurt you.”  A few more minutes passed of the spirit to spirit communication between them, and then her mind interrupted again: “But I don’t know you!”  He responded again, in confidence, “Yes, you do. And I would never hurt you.”  And then she gave in.

Just then her spirit, soul, and mind felt such a peace and a love and an acceptance she had never in her life experienced.

An accelerated work of His Spirit

God’s Spirit, delighted in fulfilling the destiny He had placed in them, did a powerful, accelerated work.  Writing each other they recognized this and Michael wrote:  “What I’m finding with God is that I can trust Him as He speaks even if my natural mind doesn’t understand it. One thing that it does is cut out all the unnecessary steps that our own reasoning often inserts into situations.  Thus we can get to what God really wants to do a lot quicker than usual.”

“Actually, I have felt connected to you from very early on.  It is a sense of being present with you and you being present with me. . .” “Wow, this vulnerability thing is really intense.  How far to take this?. . .” This is GOD’s work, and it is a quick work.

Where The Heart Is by Haevn