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before Abraham was

We Remember Who We Are

When we come to it, deep down inside, we do remember who we are. There is nothing in heaven or earth or even under the earth that can separate us from that realization. I mean, why would Lucifer go to the trouble to degrade, demean, and persecute us if we weren’t important?

The truth is that the before Abraham was, we were. Eternal is eternal: period. There was never a time when we did not exist. Though born at a particular point in time in this creation, we have always existed in the heavenly realm. This is because, as we are one with God, we are made into His image and in His likeness. Therefore, because God has no end or beginning, united with Him, before Abraham was, we were.

A timeless realm

Time in the heavenly realm is not absolute as it is here. In fact, time is not even very relevant there. From this side of forever it is difficult to comprehend a limitless existence where there is literally time for anything and everything God desires. It is only when we have an end date that counting the seconds, minutes, and years becomes important.

Many false religions and new age mystics claim this or that about our origins, however, nothing exists outside of the one true God. Moreover, all power in heaven and earth is given to YHWH’s son, Jesus Christ. There is nothing in this creation that was not made without Him in mind and, as his body, us.

False religions have it all wrong

There is no reincarnation, for it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgement. When I speak of our eternal state in the New Heavens and New Earth, I speak of experiencing our existence in that realm through a foretaste of the Holy Spirit. We have no power in and of ourselves to do anything supernatural.

Our calling, our very reason for creation, is to manifest God. Our Father gave us Jesus, the pattern son, as an example of what it means to reveal His nature to the world. To the extent that we are like Christ, we satisfy God’s will for us and all creation.

Seraphs are central to creation. They are the “us” that God consulted when He made man in His image and likeness. This is why, earthly wife’s work with, and are consulted by, earthly husbands on practically everything. In fact, in the most important thing in life, the conception of a child, women must be intimately present in every way.

Likewise the seraphs of God are present with God in everything He does. If God will do nothing that he does not tell His friend, Abraham, how much more will he do nothing without involving His Seraphs?

The Seven Seraphs Of God

There are seven Chief Seraphs. They are the seven spirits of God that stand before God’s throne in the book of Revelation. Finally, at the wrap up of the ages and at the creation of a New Heavens and New Earth, YHWH reveals who the Seraph really are. Just as the Seraphs were present at the making of this creation, all seven Seraph are present and intimately involved in the creation of the world to come. In fact, this is why Jesus left for the last 2000 years.

When the scriptures speaks of God making the heavens through wisdom, they are talking about one of the “us” in Genesis 1:21. In fact, all throughout the Bible, when God speaks of wisdom, understanding, might, counsel, knowledge and fear of the Lord, He is speaking of Seraphs.

Oh, how art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer

One seraph has fallen and her name was Lucifer. She was the bright and shining one, the sum of all wisdom and chief musician of YHWH. The most ancient of all Seraphs (by virtue of being the first), she was perfect from the day she was created.

However, by reason of her great beauty she became prideful and corrupted herself. Thus, when YHWH decided to create man, Lucifer rebelled. This war in heaven spans the seven realms and is causing untold damage and heart ache in the mount of the congregation. Every war and rumor of war in this creation faintly echos the conflict that rages above.

The war of the seven realms of God

We really have no idea as to the true extent of the war in heaven, only suffice it to say that the mythological wars of the Greek and Roman gods are faint echos of an actual reality. I am not saying that there was ever a real Zeus or Hades, but the fundamental realities that these myths represent are real spiritual truths.

Likewise, many of the blockbuster movies today are doing the same thing. They are depicting the war in heaven and the struggle of mankind against insurmountable odds. Yes, these movies are created by unsaved people, but nevertheless God forces them to speak truth even through their pride.

We are a Seraph in the making

In conclusion, before Abraham was, we were. Mankind is a seraph in the making. We are, taken together, a wife of the Most High. We are literally the replacement for Lucifer and if you doubt that, just listen to and watch the videos below. God bless.