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divine romance

We are a living Song of Solomon

It is amazing to me that the world indulges in all manner of sexual vice, yet when it comes to loving God, we can hardly kiss Him. This ought not to be the case because we are literally living in the day and age the song of Solomon prophesies about.

God desires intimacy with His people yet, because YHWH is a Spirit that fills the heavens and the earth, we find it hard to connect with Him. Therefore, how does God love us and receive our love? First and foremost, He does so through His son Jesus Christ. Secondarily, He loves us through each other.

Divine Romance

Essentially, what many of the most popular songs in Christian circles are saying is “God, please come and lay with me”. In every way possible, short of describing the actual act, Christian singers ask God to make love with them. Moreover, they are joined by thousands with the same burning desire to become one with Him. When Tasha Cobbs sings “fill me up lord” she, along with everyone else present is asking God Almighty to make love to them.

Fill Me Up Lord by Tasha Cobbs

The fact of the matter is, this level of passion is highly appropriate given the nature of our relationship with “YHWH saves”. We are His betrothed and pledged to be the Lamb’s Wife. Therefore intimacy, orders of magnitude greater than anything we have ever experienced on earth, is our destiny. Once you realize this, you will never hear Tasha’s song the same again.

Holy intimacy with your heavenly Husband

Christ is our husband and we are His wife. Sexual sin is only relevant to those who do not share a relationship warranting such intimate expression. Therefore, when the lover of our souls comes to us and wants to love us through His own body, we joyfully accept. Every woman in Solomon’s kingdom hoped for one night with the king, how much more is it proper for us to desire to be with Jesus?

What is more often the case with many believers, though, is that we offer Him our cheeks rather than our breasts. We give Him a side hug rather than a warm embrace. We refuse to be intimate with Him through another believer because that violates our notion of holiness.

God teaches us about Divine Romance

Our Lord is a patient lover. Though His desire is towards us, He understands that we are inexperienced and unsure of ourselves. Through tenderness and gentle persuasion, he teaches us how to respond to Him. As we gain confidence, we allow ourselves to feel Him in more intimate ways. Eventually, His love liberates us so that we embrace Him in ever greater heights of holy ecstasy.

In conclusion, love God through one another as His Spirit leads. Cause Him to feel your passion in a Divine Romance with your brethren. Not everything in God is sexual, but be as intimate as His Spirit leads you to be whether in dance, worship, body ministry, or loving His Bride. Remember, Divine Romance is the very definition of decent and in order, not as man decrees but as God desires. This is epic love, therefore give yourself to Him fully with joy and thanksgiving!