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God Does Not Call The Qualified, He Qualifies The Called

We are the Body of Christ.  Christ is our head and we are His many-membered body.  What Tabernacles Central is all about is helping people connect to their Lord through each other.  We want you to be fitly joined together with those members of the Body of Christ you belong with so that we can function and be happy in Him.

As we create the Tabernacle Experience: LoveFest 2019, we desire to provide “space” for people’s gifting.  Some believers know their gifting, while others are unaware of the treasures God has placed inside them.  Our task is to create a “space” for people thrive in.

Many members make us whole

Just as there are many member in Christ’s body, there are many different parts the Tabernacles Experience.  There is the organizational aspect, food, equipment, sound and music, promotion, and online web presence etc.  Each of these areas are vital to the whole, each requiring people who have a special talents from God to fill them.  Furthermore, when a person finds their niche many blossom into what God created them to be.

As an Apostle, my gifting is to recognize and promote other people’s callings.  I delight when someone finds they proper place in the Body of Christ.  It must be that this is how God feels when His body of believers works together in harmony.  Often times, I see quite clearly what a persons true gifting is even if they are unaware of it themselves.

Making space for other people’s talents

Therefore, I see my place in the Tabernacle movement as  helping to create spaces for other people to fill.  I don’t have (or want to) do everything myself.   My job is to define the areas other people can participate in if they feel led by the Spirit to do so.

Take, for instance, the area of food.  Being as our task is to bring forward the spiritual fulfillment of the “Feast” of Tabernacles, there is naturally a food component to it.  Many people, men and women, are gifted in this area.  Seems everyone has a special recipy handed down from their grandmother that is a family favorites. Why not share that with the family of God?  Some are even professional chefs and gifted in fine cuisine.  Others, like me, know how to slow smoke delicious BBQ.  Some just love to help out and serve others.  The point is, whatever your speciality is, or you feel the calling to do, there is a place for you in the Tabernacle Experience.

Become part of  Team Tabernacle

Here are a few things for everyone to pray about when considering becoming a part of the Tabernacle Experience

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

  • If you feel God is asking you to become part of a Tabernacle event, trust that He knows what He is doing.  In reality, only God is great and He alone is capable.  All our Father really requires of you is yield to His will.

The yoke of Jesus is easy, His burden is light

  • Once you find what God wants you to do, know that you are uniquely suited for it and it will be a joy, not a burden.  Our Father dosn’tcalling you to do everything, He is just asks you to do the part He gives you.

Be a faithful steward of your talent

  • God gives everyone talents to further His kingdom.  Use your  gifting wisely so that, whatever it may be, you can say,  “you gave me five talents, but I have brought you five more!”

Commit to God and what He has for you to do

  • We all desire to be faithful servants of God.  Therefore, once you commit to helping out in a certain area, do so with all your might and be resolute.  Obviously, the devil will challenge you and try to make you turn away from the thing God is asking you to do.  However, fully commit and decide that “no matter what” you will see your part through until the end.  If you do so God will say to you, “well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

If everyone becomes a servant, everyone is blessed

  • One thing that hinders the functioning of the Body of Christ is that some do not want to be in the positions God places them.  However, if everyone saya, “hath God said” in this area, none of us ends up not fulfilling the area God needs us in.  It is our relationship with Jesus that matters, not how he asks us to serve Him.  Where it is washing dishes or singing or speaking His word, everything we do is like we are doing it unto our Lord.
  • When God calls us to a certain place in His body, we needn’t covet positions He does not give us.  Whatever your area of service, determine to be the best you can be in the place and refuse to move from it until God decides it’s time.  People do grow and mature in God and He does advance us over time as He sees fit.  However, leave the chief seats at the feast, until you are called by God to them.

Simply show up

  • People know when God calls them.  The Holy Spirit taps you on the shoulder and asks you to show up.  However, it is important to answer His call, because if you do not step forward and say, “here am I Lord, send me” God can’t select  you.
  • When God calls, answer and do whatever He puts upon your heart.  Not only listen and hear God’s voice, but also “do” God’s voice.  This is the place where many people fail and miss the will of their Father.  There are always many reasons not to answer, nothing in the long run will substitute for simple obedience.   It does not matter if what God asks seems possible, all we have to do is show up and trust that He will do the heavy lifting for us.

In conclusion, God calls you today say “yes Lord! here am I!”  (That is really all I am doing btw).  Dare to serve to your Lord and risk becoming all that God made you to be.  Step out in faith and be a part of the Body of Christ, fulfilling your unique and special place in it.

Be a faithful servant and take your talent, multiplying it for God’s glory.  Now is the day we must work in the vineyard of our Lord.  If you feel called to participate in the Tabernacle Experience, we welcome you.  I know you will find, in the end, that your reward is waiting for you in heaven.

The Servant Song By Richard Gillard